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Artist Carlos Estrada Vega
Artists Dan Tapper and OrDima
Artist Georjeanna Feltha
Designer Bobby Creel Clark
Artist Jacob Pfeiffer
Artist Michael Ponce
Artist Rosemary McLoughlin
Greg Decker | Sherry Doil Carter
Ft Selden NM
Educator and Legislator J Paul Taylor, Mesilla NM
Dr Miguel Pirela Cruz | Dr Michael Foote
Nicolas Tejeda, Hospital of Providence CEO, El Paso TX
Teako Nunn, Sparky's Cafe, Hatch NM
What is an editorial assignment? Editorial work can be about places, people, events and news, with the intended purpose to inform or tell a story. Typically I work with a photo editor or an art director who communicate what they're looking for in the photos. But I'm always on the lookout for unexpected photo opportunities that can bring visual excitement to the images. I always seek to capture the environment surrounding a story, so photos centered on a personality may be accompanied by interesting landscape or still life shots that visually fill out the story.
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