We shot video of the El Paso Children's Museum under construction for Cano Steel, the metal framing subcontractor. The project has received international attention for its architecture and design by #Snohetta. In March 2022 the official name of the new museum was announced: La Nube (the 'cloud'), referring the arcing shapes of its fourth floor roof and its translucent interior glow!

My client also wanted a one minute edit of the video. This was fun and I began shortening everything, switched clip orders, and removed a few. My attitude toward background music had been to let it flow and see how serendipity would bring about happy editing coincidences. But with this short version the edits began to match up with the music beat itself so I decided to edit the beat with each cut. This is the real fun of video editing for me! I've also enjoyed exploring jump cuts and quick dissolve transitions, depending on the scene and effect I hope to achieve. 
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